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Safe and Harmless Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Everybody loves to have a gorgeous, white smile, but we do not like the pain and irritation that do it yourself teeth whitening treatment may bring, isn’t it? If you are among those people who don’t want to experience pain resulting from at-home teeth whitening treatments, we have a good news for you! Now, you can have pain free and harmless teeth whitening treatment.

PureSmile in Sydney is one of the cosmetic dental clinics that offers safe and harmless teeth whitening treatment. With its newest technology used it also assures the most effective and instant white teeth after just an hour of treatment.  All of the staff is  well trained and professional. So, you have nothing to worry about its services.  You can be sure to be in good hands.

Additionally, all its equipment are sourced from the world trusted supplier of LED lamps. It is one of the newest technologies used by the dentist and cosmetic dental clinics around the world. It is known to be all-natural and safe teeth whitening treatment. It can whiten your teeth up to ten shades after just an  hour of treatment.

So what are the services offered by Pure Smile?

  • Platinum or 60-minute treatment. This treatment is best for people with extensive teeth stains and discolorations that are results of drinking coffee and smoking. It cost $199, but it offers a discount.
  • Executive Treatment or 45-minute treatment. This is suitable for people with lighter teeth stains and lightly discolored teeth. It is also appropriate for people who will be undergoing job interviews, attending weddings and reunions. It offers a complete package for smile makeover that will make your smile look great.
  • Professional or 30-minute treatment. It is best for people who never had a whitening treatment before or to those people with fewer teeth stains and light discoloration of teeth.

At PureSmile Sydney, 100% guarantee that you can achieve whiter teeth in safe, harmless and fastest way. You can book online and check for the promo or special discounts that await for you.